We the family are dedicated to taking care of dad in his final days, and one of the things dad likes to do when he is able, is to read your words of encouragement, faith, and love.  Below please make a comment, a testimony of love, or simply say a prayer!

We Love you and thank you for your prayers and support!

The Family

  1. Daniel & Angela Weatherly

    So much love, so many lives touched. What a sweet man that just welcomed us all into his family and home. I cherish the memories and this great family. The testimony of his love and his walk with Jesus, now entering a new stage will bless us on to eternity. I pray for God’s GREAT grace and mercy, love and comfort surround each and everyone of you. My heart hurts with yours but my spirit celebrates Jim’s transition. Love you all!

  2. Jim & Julie
    I struggle for the right words as I write this. I just hope you both know how much your friendship, love and prayers impacted my life and the life of my family (especially Jimmy). I know your crown awaits you and many will be there to share how your life impacted them as well. But until that day we celebrate you and your life that has been filled with love and service to others as you continue to impact us this very moment with your courage and faith!!!

    Love you Both ❤️

  3. You are in God’s hands and I would say His are the best! I have you all in my thoughts and prayers at this time. ~hugs

  4. Haven’t heard any news since yesterday so maybe you didn’t get to go home to Alvord but are instead closer to your real home. I’m praying that you are comfortable and have your amazing family near you, perhaps singing over you. My heart is full – excited for you to see our dear Lord in person but sorrowful thinking of you leaving so many who have loved you so much. Know that you have made such an impact on so many lives, helping many of us to more successfully navigate through this temporary home and helping us to get to know Jesus by seeing Him living in you! What a legacy you have created! I wonder how many have fallen in love with a big huggable guy only to find out that they really fell in love with Jesus? For me, you have been my D2, reminding me how much my earthly father loved me and how much my Heavenly Father loves me and I will be forever grateful.

  5. Dear Jim, I know you through my friend Kristin. Thank you for the faith you have expressed on your God Wall. Your testimony of the goodness and greatness of God even in the face of pain and sorrow is one that wraps us all in His grace and love. May His peace be with you and yours in increasing measure as you journey forward.

  6. JC, I am both sad and happy for you, today. Having just had the 2nd of 3 surgeries for skin cancer and reconstruction, I have some understanding of what you have been through. But I am not dying, and my family is not grieving, as yours will. So I offer only my real condolences for the real loss they face. Conversely, I offer you, simultaneously, my loud congratulations! You will walk the sunlit uplands ahead of me…
    This vale is so beautiful in many respects; blue skies, mountains covered with flowers, but especially the love of family and friends, which softens the harshness of pain, the sadness of sin. But it’s not home, and I so envy you that you will be home, finally, with Phoebe and Jesus. I look forward to meeting y’all. Godspeed, brother.

  7. Dear Jim,
    Thinking of you often and keeping you and Julie, Little Jim, Jenni, DeDe, Amey and the rest of your family in my prayers as always!! Hope you get to go home soon!!

    Love, Deanna

  8. Jim,

    Wanted to tell you that you are now and have been in our prayers. We keep up with your progress through the Godwall and now this site and are continually amazed at your strength, courage and faith. The Taylor siblings are gathering in Harleton this weekend and we will send our love and prayers from there.

  9. Dear D2,

    I am praying for you to recover from this temporary setback so you can go back home with Julie, take naps under your Creation Afghan and feel well enough to add to your God Wall. I still need more of your wisdom!

    Most merciful Father, please surround D2 with your angels right now and provide everything that is needed – wisdom for his caregivers, peace for his family and comfort and healing for D2. I know You still perform miracles, Lord, and I am asking for one for this wonderful man, your servant. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

    Love you D2!!!

  10. Thinking if you Big Jim and the family and sending love and prayers your way! Wish my arms would reach so I could give u a BIG hug.
    I’ll never forget the horse you gave Morgan the last time we were at your house. She still plays with it to this day and will cherish it always!
    I’m honored to have been a part of your loving family and will continue to say prayers for all of you.
    Much love ~

  11. Jim,
    I only met you once when I attended the Ziglar class in march of ’14 but could tell you were a special man.
    God Bless you, Julie and your Family. You will be in my prayers!
    Joe Burtoni

  12. Dear Jim,

    I am thankful you are my cousin. Due to our 12 year age difference I don’t have as many memories of us as I would like. But I do have some memories of us.

    One memory :
    Pete and Henry’s house. You and Bill Taylor. Big guys. Me all of 5, not so big. I see myself smiling as the two of you played keep away with my stuffed dog. You were throwing my dog over the top of the door. I always enjoyed this one. You were not at all mean to me. I always felt like you liked me.

    I’m so thankful for you. You have been encouraging and welcoming to me whenever I got to see you.

    I am thankful for all the answered prayers of our Grandmother that I see in you.

    Thank you for wanting me to know your children! They are amazing!

    I love you Jim!

  13. Was privileged to sit under Jims teaching in SS at Mt Zion. He made me love SS and always looked forward to his class. Loved the challenge he gave of digging deeper into the Word and will always love the time in his class.

  14. Met JC and Julie through our church, MZBC. This big Teddy Bear drew me in right away. I loved sitting in his Sunday School class. I was always smarter when I left because of something Jim had managed to teach me. I love him and Julie and would do anything for them. Send them my love and tell JC that I still owe him a coconut pie.

  15. Have just recently become friends with Jc….what an inspiration to all of us. Am praying daily regarding this path your family is on. I know God smiles as this time is being used to glorify Him.

  16. One of my favorite Uncle Jim stories was when you put a kitchen pot on your head to make Amey’s date (who was picking her up) nervouse! Best “Dad” story ever!!! I have a distinct image of you in your chair with a pot on your head, and I wasn’t even there! Love you

  17. Jim Bob, sending thoughts and prayers for you and your family everday. Going through some old pictures from the AATC era brought back wonderful memories. You have touched so many people. God truly has a plan for all of us, I am so happy he allowed our paths to cross over the years. Peace to you my friend.

    P’S. Will never forget the Alvordian Brown Wood Elves that helped build awesome rocking chairs.

  18. Thinking if you, Jim and keeping you and Julie and the rest of the family in my prayers. I have been reading your posts in the God Wall; love reading all of it. God bless you all…..

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