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This will be the first post of what I am sure will be quite a few in the coming months.

To get everyone up to speed here is where we are at as of today:

Thursday March 12th Dad was taken via ambulance to the hospital where it was determined he had a really bad case of pneumonia.   He was admitted and he is currently in the hospital as of today.  Dad is responding very well to his antibiotics and although his chest X-ray remains unchanged, his vitals have really turned around and he is doing quite well!  Sunday 3/15 he actually was able to get out of bed and sit in a chair for a while and watch netflix and eat some dinner.  Sunday marked a lot of improvement with his mind fog and he has been able to answer questions.  At the 5:00 am checkup the nurse technician came in and ask if she could take his blood pressure and he joked back and said “as long as you give it back!”  Its nice to see Dad in a good place.

Thank you all for your prayers!  We the family will try to keep updates coming as we have them!

Son Jim

Here is the funny picture:


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