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We have received numerous request for the video that was shown at Dad’s funeral.  The video was the road map for the service and was paused at key times for the pastors to speak, it contains all the music and family thoughts.  Unfortunately we do not have a recording of the entire funeral service, but here is the video for you to view.



00:05 – 5:23 Booth Brothers Video “Look for me at the feet of Jesus”

5:38 – 8:11  DeDe Galindo – Thoughts about Her Dad

8:11 – 8:54 Video from Dad on his trip to Canada with the Booth Brothers

8:55 – 11:21 Son Jim Norman – Thoughts about his Dad

11:21 – 13:01 Jennifer Haecker – Thoughts about her Dad

13:02 – 14:58 Amey Fair – Thoughts about her Dad

14:59 – 19:17 Julie Ziglar Norman – Thoughts about her husband

19:18 – 19:22 Video Clip, Dad on a tractor

19:23 – 23:47 Booth Brothers Song, “On My Way Home”

23:57 – 29:15 Booth Brothers Video “Then I Met the Master”



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